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Education Services

About IMMI


IMMI Education Inc. is a comprehensive international education organization focusing on academic planning and study abroad services. 

IMMI’s mission is to help every student find the right fit school. At IMMI, we expect that students will enjoy the process of self-exploration and will be surprised with the opportunities provided and excited about their blast future. We do not measure our success based on rankings, but based on student achievements, accomplishments and pride.

IMMI provides services to students in the United States and all around the world.


High School Consulting

IMMI Education’s Middle/High School Planning services aim to establish a transparent process for both students and parents and guide students through the necessary steps to apply to schools. The education consultants guide students in finding the best self and showing the greatest to the admissions. All application services are customized in order to fit the needs of each individual student in seeking for the success.

College Application Planning

IMMI Education’s College Planning Service aims to clearly outline the application process based on evaluating each individual’s pros and cons. Our consultants guide students in applications while developing unique skills for their long-term lifegoal. Throughout the process, working with IMMI professional education consultants, students will actively participate in all aspects. IMMI’s planning service is personalized and tailored for each student and family’s goal.

College Transferring Service

IMMI works with students to explore potential universities, majors and minors that fit their interests and plan for their academic development. With an initial assessment of transferring the credits and further coursework that may be needed to transfer to a new university. We provides strong support for students. In addition, we analyzed the students’ academic performances and evaluate the SAT/ACT scores along with additional information that colleges may require on a transfer application. 

Graduate School Counseling

Graduate School Counseling service is for students of all abilities seeking for continued development in graduate degree. IMMI is committed to helping students throughout the process and admission entry to a terrific university for either domestic US students or international students and prospective law school applicants. All of our services are available to students living outside the United States.



At IMMI, we work with students of all abilities. We provide students with tools in an organized planning process-from state-of-the-art software to sage advice, from interview techniques to excellent guidance on essays and applications. We have visited more than 450 college and high school campuses, maintained continuous contact with admissions representatives and recruiters, and conducted in-depth research on college admissions trends. We use our expertise to guide students to the university that best suits their aspirations.